1080P PTZ WIFI IP Outdoor Home Security Camera

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Protect your home and belongings with this 1080P WIFI IP Outdoor Home Security Camera. Waterproof and dustproof for enhanced durability, this essential outdoor home security camera has everything you need to keep your home safe and secure.

The camera head is rotatable with 270°pan and 90°tilt. You can control this via the app on your phone and get a sweeping view of every inch of the outside of your house or garden. 

Enjoy quick and easy DIY set up without the need for expensive installations and house visits. 


It's believed that a burglary is committed every 40 seconds in the UK

Households across the country are not giving enough attention to making sure their homes are protected against potential intruders. It helps to put yourself in the mind of a burglar when looking at how secure your home is.

The Office for National Statistics puts the average cost of a residential burglary in the UK at £3,030 and more than one-third of that is the emotional cost to victims – which makes sense, when you consider that someone is home during 58% of burglaries.


Remote access on the move

You can view the live footage whenever you want to, just log in the P2P account on the app via your Smartphone or tablet and start monitoring your house in no time.

What is a PTZ Camera?

A PTZ camera is a camera with pan, tilt, and zoom functionality. These movements can be manually controlled by using monitoring software or a joy stick, or automatically set up using camera management software.

✅ Panning: The camera can swivel to the left and right, allowing it to have a wide area of coveragePan can range from a complete 360 circle to smaller areas.

✅ Tilting: The camera can tilt up and down, giving it a wide vertical range of coverageThe amount the camera can tilt will vary by camera model, but goes up to 180 degrees

✅ Zooming: Optical zoom physically adjusts the camera lens, changing the focal length to zoom in and out; this allows the camera to maintain image quality. The amount of optical zoom is expressed as #x, such as 18x, and represents how much the camera can zoom (change the lens focal length).

IP66 Waterproof & Dustproof

The shell is made of high-grade plastic, which is waterproof, sun-proof, and dust-proof. It is suitable for any environment.

4.0X Digital Zoom

This camera supports 4.0X Digital Zoom, Press and hold the screen with both hands to Zoom in/out and see more details.

Smart Dual Light Source

Built-in 4Pcs White LED and 4Pcs IR LED, Monitor moving objects, automatically illuminate. This is an effective tool against crime.

1080P VS 3MP High Resolution

3MP image has better light saturation.

Human Detection

The 1080P WIFI IP Outdoor Camera features a cordon alert area to detect human form in unwanted places. 

Flexible & Secure Storage Options

The camera supports up to 128GB TF card local backup and also provides cloud storage service.

Wireless or Wired Connection

According to your needs, you can choose a wireless connection or network cable connection.


Complete with 1 Year Home Hippo Warranty

We promise to repair or replace any outdoor camera purchased from us within 1 year from the purchase date if required. This warranty covers any technical faults that may occur and accidental damages that are outside your control. If you would like to extend your warranty period for more peace of mind, you can choose this option before placing your order. 


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